The steps required for cancer fundraising

If you are completely new to fundraising, you might be a little confused with how it all works. Let’s take a look at exactly what you need to do so that you can become a fundraising expert in no time.

  • Think of an activity and a charity

Before you start the organisation and collecting money, you actually need to think of what you are going to do. You need to come up with an activity and also decide what charity you want the sponsorship money to go to. You might decide on a generic cancer charity like Cancer Research or a specific one like Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The type of activities you can do are endless include bake sales, garage sales, sponsored silence, giving up smoking, a marathon, an obstacle course, face painting and more.

  • Download a sponsor pack

Many charities have sponsor packs which you can download or have sent to your home. This gives you more details of the charity and sometimes includes things like sponsor forms, t shirts and other things that can help you get better prepared for the fundraiser. This doesn’t apply if you are setting up something that is completely new however.

  • Set up a page online

Many people have a GoFundMe or a similar type of page where they can get people to donate on the internet and this cash goes directly to the charity. Research has shown that people who donate to charity are more likely to do so online than by using any other method.

  • Collect donations

Spread word of the event or activity you are going to partake in including the date and watch the donations fly in. Many people say they are going to sponsor you but don’t stump up the cash so remember to collect the money BEFORE you do the activity. This enables you to have an accurate figure regarding how much you have made for your charity.

  • Do the activity!

Once the money is in, all that’s left to do is keep your end of the bargain and get it done. Once you have done it, make sure that all money you have collected that isn’t directly donated to the charity goes where it belongs.

When you have organised and completed a successful fundraiser event for a cancer charity, it means that you can be even more inspired to complete more in the future.