Beard baubles fundraising

Some of the best fundraisers are a little different from the norm and this story definitely fits the bill. Pauline Ashford & Mike Kennedy are work colleagues and in 2014, they decided to create “baubles for beards”, which is a festive product designed for bearded men. I mean, come on, at Christmas, what bearded man wouldn’t want to decorate his beard with baubles? It started off as just a bit of a joke and something fun to do to pass the time but the idea took off and so quickly for that matter.

The product went so much bigger than these two could have even imaged and “baubles for beards” became the most searched term on Google in December 2014. Since the end of 2015, Pauline and Mike have been donating ALL money made from this product to Cancer Research UK. With the amount of hairy men out there and the festive season fast approaching yet again, fingers crossed baubles for beards continues to be just as popular again this year. This fun idea should hopefully encourage other creative individuals to come up with new and exciting fundraising ideas.