Choosing Champion For Cancer Fundraising

Having a fundraising activity for cancer patients or for a cause that supports cancer goes a long way. You, however, need to have the right strategy to ensure that you have a successful fundraiser. One of the ideas that work is to identify a champion who will be able to bring in many contributors.

Qualities of Good Cancer Fundraising Champion

  • Good communicator: Part of being a fundraiser is communicating with people and convincing them to donate or participate in a fundraising event. The champion should be good in both verbal and written communication. They must also be knowledgeable around the issues affecting cancer patients so that they can articulate it well to people who make inquiries.
  • Brings a personal appeal: The person who you choose to champion a cancer fundraising activity should be passionate about supporting cancer causes. It brings a deeper emotional appeal if the champion has battled cancer or been a caregiver of a cancer patient. It can also be someone who has worked closely with people in the cancer research sector.
  • Patient: Fundraising takes a lot of time and energy. It also needs interaction with people of different personalities. This means that a champion should be ppatient enough to endure long meetings and to take disappointing news when a potential funding opportunity does not come through.
  • Good networking skills: A big chunk of fundraising requires networking; both online and off the net. A feature that stands out in a cancer fundraising champion is when they are able to network on social media and reach out to companies that are likely to provide funding.

If you have a fundraising event and you are struggling to choose who will champion the event or become the face of the fundraiser, you should consider working with more than one person. Ensure they are not of questionable character.