Easy cancer fundraising ideas

So you haven’t had much notice and need to come up with a cancer fundraising event that is easy to do and set up? Here are some ideas that require little planning but should still be a big hit and make some money.

Bake sale

Who doesn’t love cakes, pastries and all that good stuff? Get together a few friends who are good at baking and organise a bake sale in your area. You can sell a number of different cakes and all money raised can go straight to the charity of your choice.

Guessing game

Have people pay a few pound to guess the name of the teddy, doll or even kitten! The winner gets a prize and all money raised is for the

charity. This is something that is really easy to set up and it’s fun for participants.


Know a few hairy men? People are sure to donate to watch them get waxed. Whether they are waxing their arms, legs or somewhere a little more intimate, it’s going to be hilarious to watch it go ahead and will mean that the cancer charity gets even more money.

Fancy dress at work

This is something that is really simple but fun and you can get the entire workforce to get involved. Get dressed up in crazy fancy dress for work and encourage your colleagues to do the same. They can pay £100 to take part and people can also sponsor this event too.