Fundraising ideas that will improve your confidence

The number one aim of a cancer fundraiser is to raise money for charity and hopefully help people who have the disease or will have it in the future. Doing something that will give you more confidence, make you feel healthier and/or improve your overall quality of life is also a great thing and some of the following are some ideas that could help you do just that.

  • Dive with sharks

Would could build your confidence more than being underwater with real life sharks? This is going to be outside of your comfort zone but it’s also going to be an amazing experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. You could go somewhere abroad to dive with sharks.

  • Walk

If you are trying to get into shape but feel like you are not fit enough to do a run just yet, why not opt for a sponsored walk instead? There are many walks organised to raise money for different charities so check what is available to sign up for in your area. Failing that, you could always arrange your own and collect lots of money along the way.

  • Boxing match

You don’t have to be Floyd Mayweather for this one and it’s all in good fun. Often boxing matches are arranged for charity to which local men and women partake in. You will be fighting against an everyday person just like you so don’t sweat it too much. Even if you have never been in the ring before, try something new – what’s the worst that could happen? You could discover a new passion and even if you don’t, you’ve helped and done your share for an amazing cause and had a little fun on the side.

  • Swim

If you enjy being in the water, why not set yourself some kind of swimming challenge in order to raise money for charity? Whether this be swimming a particular distance or swimming for a certain amount of time. Swimming can both improve your fitness and also give you heaps of confidence.

  • Lose weight

Struggling to get that motivation to lose weight but you know it’s something that you should be doing? Set yourself a goal, get sponsors and you have no excuses not to make it happen. Losing weight is so much easier if you have something spurring you on. When you are doing it for charity, you are sure to work out regularly and have a healthy diet in place.

Here are just SOME fundraising ideas that will build your confidence and help you become the best version if you possible. There are lots more things out there so do your research and look for inspiration online.