Honouring loved ones with cancer fundraisers

Many people choose to do cancer fundraisers in order to honour loved ones they have who are fighting the disease, have fought it in the past or have sadly died from the illness. Recent statistics have shown that 50% of people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. This is shocking and means that everybody reading this right now has been affected by cancer in some way or will be.

If you have lost a friend or family member to cancer, a fundraiser will not bring them back but it will raise money for a cancer charity and help people in the future. Every penny raised for charity will help research into the disease, it will assist in coming up with new and innovative cures and could even save lives. You might not be thinking that far ahead when you are doing a bake sale or taking part in an advent calendar, but these simple actions could have such a positive impact that you are not even aware of. Maybe you are doing race for life or a different kind of event that will also be beneficial.

If you want to show support to a family member who is going through the battle, a fundraiser would be such a great way to do that. Perhaps you are working towards raising money for their individual care which is something that is always a great idea. A fundraiser is the best way to raise money for a cancer charity and you would hope that loved ones do the same for you if you were in that situation.