Raising money for cancer fundraisers

Once you have a cancer fundraiser set up, the money should start rolling in but what are the best ways to collect money for fundraisers of this kind?

Many years ago, door to door collections and also collection stations on the street would be a popular way to raise money for their charity but this is something that is sometimes looked down upon. This is still a recommended method if you want to maximise your earnings but there is a better and more “millennial” way that you can fund-raise and yes you guessed it, that’s online.

Using the internet can spread news of your awesome fundraiser far and wide (or at least further than what it would have by knocking on the neighbourhood houses). Many people start up GoFundMe pages or something similar and the great thing about these is that any money donated will go straight to the charity. This is a safe and secure way to ensure that the cancer charity you are raising money for gets their cash with no added issues along the way.

Some other ways that you can raise money for cancer charities is through word of mouth and spreading the news of what you are doing through platforms such as social media or a blog. The amount of friends, family and mutual friends who will donate to you is going to be huge. Many people wil choose to donate just a few pounds but this will soon add up and before you know it, you will have hundreds or even thousands for your selected charity. If you work in a shop or know anyone who works in one or a similar kind of business, you could put a pot on the counter with details of the fundraiser and collect money in this way too.

The best is to utilise all of these options so that you can make as much money as possible for your fundraiser. Collecting money online is probably going to make the most but there is no stone that should be left unturned in order to maximise your efforts. If you are doing something that is really difficult for you, people are going to be much more likely to donate.