What is cancer fundraising?

Cancer fundraising is basically doing different activities in order to raise money for the charity of your choice. It is much more useful than just asking people to donate because being able to partake in different activities or knowing that individuals are doing something fun and exciting for a good cause, is more likely to make sure that others dip into their pockets.

If you are thinking of doing a cancer fundraiser, the opportunities are endless and we will get into this in more detail later. Let’s have a further look at the benefits of these type of fundraisers and how they can positively impact your life.

  • It is fun for you to do! Apart from collecting the money for the charity, a fundraiser doesn’t even feel like you are doing anything particularly notable because it’s super fun. Whether you are doing something like a marathon, an egg and spoon race or even a skydive – some of these are once in a lifetime experiences that you wouldn’t have been able to achieve if not for the cancer fundraiser. Life is all about new experiences and this is definitely one of them.
  • People are more likely to donate, especially if the people donating know you and understand how difficult the challenge is going to be. For example, perhaps you are a chocoholic who is vowing to give up chocolate for a month for the fundraiser or maybe you are a chatterbox who is doing a sponsored silence. People don’t like to be hounded for money when they are going about their day to day life but a fundraising allows them to donate of their own accord.
  • Cancer fundraising is a super social thing to do and could even help you to make some new friends. You could do fundraisers with people already in your life or you could meet some new ones along the way. Many fundraisers involve meeting new people and doing something together (i.e. a marathon). There are even forums out there where strangers can meet and set up charity fundraisers as a team.
  • When you do a charity fundraiser, you know that you are doing something positive and productive with your time. How many times have you been stuck for something to do during the summer? Perhaps you are feeling like you are not contributing to society as you should be. A cancer fundraiser is the ideal way to get out of this rut and do your part for those around you.

There you have it, more information on what exactly a charity fundraiser is and the advantages of getting involved. Now that you are a little more clued up, it’s time to get organising!