The Great Christmas Pudding Race

People regularly run marathons in order to raise money for charities. While this is great, running can be a little boring so why not give the great Christmas pudding race a try this year? This takes part every year in Covent Garden, London and it’s actually hosted by the Cancer Research Aid Committee. You are probably wondering exactly what it involves and you are not going to be disappointed!

Basically six teams compete each other in a race against the clock. Each member of each team has to complete an obstacle course while balancing a Christmas pudding on a plate. Completing an obstacle course is hard enough by itself, without having to stop a delicious festive dessert dropping to the ground at the same time!

£21,000 was raised at this fun race last year and hopefully that figure will be smashed this year. So many people turn up to sponsor and watch this event, it’s all in good fun and you can cheer on your favourite team if you’d like to. This usually takes place somewhere in early December so London is busy enough at this time of the year anyway.