How to Organise a Fundraiser for a Cancer Patient

To say that cancer is a deadly disease is an understatement. In fact, ask just about anyone to name the top three diseases they fear most and they will mention cancer as one of them. While having cancer is not necessarily a death sentence, very few people survive this dreadful disease. It doesn’t matter the type of cancer one is suffering from; whether it is skin cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, or mouth cancer, all cancers are feared. Besides being a painful condition, cancer is very expensive to treat. That is why the idea of fundraising is synonymous with this illness. So, assuming that you want to organise a fundraiser for a cancer patient, how will you go about it?

Getting Started

You can start by setting up a donation site or social media page and telling potential contributors about the project. Be sure to invite as many people as possible and be smart in your invitations. For instance, if you are fundraising for a skin cancer patient, it would be smart to invite skincare product manufacturers, such as Verso Skincare UK and many others. This is because anything concerning skin resonates with them. Be sure to tell your invites the date time of the fundraiser.

In summary, to organise a fundraiser for a cancer patient, all you need is few friends, venue (if you are fundraising offline, that is), a little time, and some effort. Ideally, you have a couple of weeks to finish the project, so there is nothing to worry about as far as time is concerned. If you’re holding the event offline, give them a clear direction to the venue where the fundraiser will take place. It is that simple!