The story of Lorraine Turker

There are so many amazing cancer survival stories out there and tales of great fundraising, so it’s time to combine the two and celebrate the life of an amazing woman who always thinks of others. The story of Lorraine Turker is a brave and inspiring one. It’s also something that is sure to make you want to set up your own fundraising event if you have been in a similar kind of situation as her.

In 2010, Lorraine discovered that she had extremely aggressive breast cancer. She immediately had chemotherapy and was also offered to partake in a clinical trial that could possibly save her life. She said yes and luckily and against all odds, it worked. She wanted to do something to raise money to help others and two years after her cancer battle she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This was definitely not an easy feat and she actually completed the climb with a fellow breast cancer patient and her friend Dawn. The duo raised over £5000.00 for Cancer Research UK and Lorraine actually reached the 5895 metre high summit on her 40th birthday, which was definitely a statement on her part to show the world that she is still going strong.

The climb for these two was so much more than making money for the charity however. Lorraine has hammered home the fact that she wants women to be much more aware of the signs of breast cancer. Small symptoms often go unchecked and unfortunately, this can have dire consequences. If a woman notices any differences in her body either externally or internally, they should get themselves to the doctor’s right away. Catching cancer as early as possible gives the patient the best chance possible of beating it and climbing that mountain (both literally and figuratively.)