Head shave for Nicole

It can be so heartbreaking to watch friends and family around you suffer from cancer and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. This is exactly what happened to Nicole and she thought the least that she could do was raise some money for research and hopefully contribute to helping people in the future. She decided to shave her head and she collected a huge amount of money for Australian Cancer Research Foundation, which is a great cause that helps millions of people living in the country. In addition to this, she also won Australian Fundraiser of the Year at the APAC awards by JustGiving.

The amount Nicole actually raised for the charity was $13,325, which is such a large amount for just one person. She looks just as beautiful with a shaved head and the smile on her face is bigger than ever knowing that she did something so great for a cause so close to her heart. You too can do something amazing to raise money for a cancer charity. Do your research, put in the work and results are sure to follow.